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YouTubers Weapons Mod for MCPE iOS, Android


YouTubers Weapons mod will add 8 new weapons in the game MCPE, each of these weapons belong to a particular author channel on YouTube related to Minecraft. Once you make one of the suggested weapons and take it in your hands, your skin will automatically change to the skin, which plays the Creator of commercials on Minecraft PE on YouTube. Each of these weapons will have unique abilities that will be useful in a variety of situations that occurs in the game Minecraft PE.

The IDs and recipes

Raw chicken (472) – 4 raw chicken + 2 units of iron + 3 iron ingot
#Ejecutandose (473) – 4 roses + 2 iron block + 3 diamond
Betty (474) – 3 diamond block + 4 gold ingots + 2 sticks
Salt (475) – 1 bucket of water
The salty blade (476) – 4 salt + 2 iron + 3 iron ingot
The sword Dessie (477) – 2 diamond block + 4 gold ingot + 3 iron ingots
The sword of kindness (478) – 2 gold block + 4 gold ingot + 3 diamond
Lava spike (479) 2 buckets of lava + 4 iron ingots + 3 gold ingot

Raw chicken (Vikkstar123)

Every time you strike with this weapon, regardless of the fact that you beat your damage will increase, so if you first beat this weapon blocks and then hit them mob, your damage will be very large. So every time you kill with this weapon from the mobs they will drop raw chicken.

#IWantYouToBend (TheBajanCanadian)

A very interesting weapon that deals 13 points of damage per hit and ignites your enemy, then he dies within a few seconds. After you kill this weapon mobs, they will drop the standard items and a few red roses.

Betty (JeromeASF)
A very powerful weapon that deals as much as 60 points of damage, but dealing damage to you. For every blow the enemy will be applied 60 units of damage, and you will be taken away half of a heart, so be careful.

The salty blade (Lachlan)

The sword which you can create from blocks of salt and iron, this blade has the regen and every time you hit the mob, it will restore one heart of health.

The sword of kindness (MrWoofless)

This sword also has the ability to regain health, but unlike the previous weapon, it restores one heart per hit, and all health entirely, no matter how much it was before.

Lava spike (Preston)

As you might guess from the name of this sword will use the lava to destroy your enemies. Every time you hit the mob, it will be fully covered by the lava and die.

The Sword Dessie (DezNik45)

This sword will help you become very rich and to forget about the deficit the most important materials in the game. Every time you hit them with this sword it will drop the ingot of gold, iron and diamonds.

14 Oct 2015
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