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Unlimited Reach Distance Mod For Minecraft PE iOS, Android


Mod Unlimited Reach Distance is a Supplement with many features for Minecraft PE, which are aimed at the empowerment of gameplay, as well as its simplification. An example of new capabilities is the installation and destruction of blocks at a very far distance, also can from a distance to attack mobs. And even here pre-built Too Many Items. It can be turned on and off at will.

With Unlimited Reach Distance can be almost completely forget about such interference, as the distance between the block and the main character. To enable or disable each function, there exists a special interface.


  • Displays the coordinates of blocks and their ID's
  • If you hover the sight on the block, it is highlighted
  • 4 different pointer
  • The placement of objects at large distances
  • The ability to hit mobs from afar
  • Zooming
  • Sewn TMI
  • Help with the interface
  • Other

    How it works?

    To see information about a specific block, check the item "Show block info".

    Adjust the range where You can put anything in the slider.

    All the settings will be displayed on Your screen.

    Find the coordinates of the block or the ID is possible from afar. Here's an example – the player stands on the mountain, and sees information.

    On the right You'll notice a small graphical interface in 3 buttons. The first – "Destroy" is responsible for the destruction of objects at distances. The second – "Place" – for their accommodation. Well, "Hit" – for the attacks of the mobs.

    Very easy mod, it may happen that it starts to bother You when passing.

    Here is a screenshot of the menu where is included the ability to highlight the block when you hover over it. This, incidentally, helps in the night time. Well, as we mentioned earlier, available the ability to activate TMI. This is a mod that allows you to take all the blocks and items, and enable coordinate display and information unit at greater distances.

    And in this menu you can adjust the speed of the updates. This will help when configuring the game under the settings of Your device. Move the slider left for slower devices, and to the right – for speed.

    To more particularly describe will not, as all should be clear. So download mod Unlimited Reach Distance for MCPE and enjoy!

    Install mod Unlimited Reach Distance:

    Download a mod.
    Start BlockLauncher Pro.
    Click on the wrench key.
    Go to "ModPE Script".
    Enable mods and click "Add".
    Now you need to find the downloaded mod in the file system of your device and click on it.
    Mod installed, enjoy the game!

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