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UltraPeach’s Weaponry & Boss Mod for MCPE 0.10.0 & 0.10.4


Interesting mod UltraPeach's Weaponry & Boss which adds to the game Minecraft PE 0.10.4 and 0.10.0 a lot of weapons and a very powerful boss - Masters of the mobs, which will have 5,000 hearts. After you kill this boss he drops diamond block and star of the lower world, which can be very useful and useful in Minecraft PE if you create a very powerful sword. All other weapons which will add to the game mod can be created from conventional materials such as pebbles and diamonds. That will spawn the boss in MCPE, you will need a spawn egg, which can be obtained from 8 infernal bricks and one egg, then just tap them on the ground.

The ID of the items and the crafting recipes:
Spawn the boss: (491)- infernal brick + egg.
Steve katana: +10 damage (432) — 2 emeralds+1 boulder.
Blade: +50 damage (432) — 3 iron ingots+1 diamond+1 diamond block+1 gold bar+3 sticks.
Bow skeleton (397) — 3 bow+3 arrows+3 iron ingot.
Nether Star (509)
Weapon example (401) — 8 TNT + 1 diamond block.
Zombie Slayer:+6 damage+ignition (402) — 6 feathers+2 raw chicken carcasses+1 iron ingot.
Chop Shop: 225 damage+ TNT (403) — 1 zombie fighter+katana Steve+creeper Weapons+Nether Star+Blade

Post how you call the boss, he will be divided into 2 parts, each of which will have 2500 of hearts of lives. To defeat this boss the final blow must be a normal sword will inflict another way to Master the mobs in Pocket Edition to win you will fail, therefore we recommend to monitor his health with the help of mod Health & Damage Indicator.

05 Oct 2015
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