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Amazing Lucky Block Mod For Minecraft PE 1.9.0, 1.8.1, 1.7.1


The essence of Minecraft PE mod is very simple. You are given a special Lucky Block that is able to provide you one of the 54 scenarios. Using the Toolbox in your inventory will be quite an interesting thing - Lucky Block (id - 205). Install it in a convenient place and when you are ready, destroy.

After this happens something unexpected. There are more than 50 scenarios, but in any case, you have no influence on what happens, and how to predict which option would work. It can be a box that will bring you luck, and not a good outcome.

With a certain probability may be lucky and happen to true fountain of minerals, which you undoubtedly will have to rejoice, because very high probability and that after the destruction of the Lucky block next to you will be a whole army of enemy mobs. Mod The Amazing Lucky Block for Minecraft 0.13.1 can also spawn other items. Their number is high and there is no specific pattern in what's next. So you need to be ready at any moment to save his life. Sometimes it will prove to be extremely difficult, especially if, after destroying the Lucky block will be a huge cage of death, filled with lava and you amidst all this.

Of course, to be saved in game mode, Creative, fly from this horror away. In some cases activating mod The Amazing Lucky Block for Minecraft 0.13.1 you can watch after the destruction of the box good luck diamond cubic But it is only a Mirage that will dissolve in seconds, leaving behind only empty space.

There are additional items that could get caught in the destruction of the Lucky Block. This is a special weapon with very interesting properties, namely:

  • Lucky Sword (id - 600) – sets fire to mobs and has the effect of discarding.
  • Ender Sword (id 601) – the effect of the drop.
  • Fire Axe (id 602) – sets fire to mobs and has the effect of discarding.
  • Air Lance (id 603) – allows you to fly (like in creative mode)
  • End Sword (id 604) – makes the chasm Mob.
  • Water Trident (id - 605) - breathing under water II, night vision II.

    Setting textures is done using the program far from it. You should do the following:

    Start BlockLauncher Pro and in the settings to enable the textures.
    Clicking on the "Import" button, select the desired archive with the textures of this mod.

    Then, map the mod by doing the following:

    Run BlockLauncher Pro
    In section ModPE Script included support mods
    Click on the "Add" button and import the mod.

    These actions are enough to activate the modification and after the launch of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13.1 you can see, you need a unit that will be able to play in a dangerous lottery. We wish you all the best.

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