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Superman Mod for game Minecraft PE iOS, Android


Superman mod adds to the game Minecraft PE Superman armor, wearing which you will be invulnerable, your beats will be comparable to explosion of TNT and you will be able to fly. With this modification you can with bare hands for a few seconds to destroy huge mountains or to travel by air to any place wherever you want. As you will see very strong kryptonite sword, a blow which will take a lot of health from enemies and will kill anyone in one hit. Also mod Superman will give you the opportunity to call himself Superman, just tapping a stick on the ground. If you hit him, he gets scared and runs away - so you become strong, but if you get the millet, he will always look after you.

If you wanted to be Superman in the game Pocket Edition mod then Superman will be useful to you and you will have by famous superhero, Clark Kent. Especially fun to play with this mod with friends, imagine their faces when they see you in such form and with such abilities.

10 Oct 2015
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