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Stomper Boots Mod for Minecraft PE


Stomper Boots mod will allow you to create the wonder boots out of ordinary, diamond and they will have unique abilities in the game Minecraft PE 0.10.4 and they will give you. The first of two available abilities will have the opportunity to fall from a height of 50 blocks and take no damage at all, the second ability more interesting and allows you to fall from a height on any mod and instantly kill him without getting any damage in Minecraft PE. The main feature of the new boots, is that you don't need to wear them, just hold them in your hand and walk awhile with them to get new abilities in Minecraft PE.

That would be skraftit ' miracle boots you need:
Boots (313) — 4 diamond + 1 feather

This is an early version of the mod Stomper Boots and it can meet small bugs that other things do not have a strong influence on his work, but it may cause some inconvenience to players of Pocket Edition, but the authors are constantly working on new versions that promise to add new abilities and improve existing ones.

07 Oct 2015
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