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SpellCraft Mod For Minecraft PE iOS and Android 1.8, 1.7


SpellCraft mod adds in the world Minecraft PE new crafting table that is used to create different spells. Spells that you will be able to make a Spell Crafter in the block in future can be used on the blocks and animals. Also, some spells will affect You. As in mod there are spells that will instantly grow farm, to kill instantly mobs and more!

A small introduction:
The first thing you need to do is block spells (Spell Crafter [id: 200])

Spell Crafter is very similar to a normal crafting table for crafting, but it is used only for spells.

To use Spell Crafter block press either side of the marked (in red) and you will open the GUI of the chest. Here you put the items necessary to create specific spells. (Recipes you can find further!)

Click on the green part of the block labelled (green) to open the GUI block spells. Here you can choose the spell you want to create. Click on the spells to create it.

Spells have some limitations in use, known as the essence. Every time you hold in your hand a spell on the right side of the screen you will see a bar entity that would eventually recovered.

Well, how to use a block to create a spell we already knew. Now let's look at how to create spells and what they can do.

Fire: 2 lighters + 2 coal + 1 paper.

Sets fire to mobs, blocks and animals.

Air: 1 glass block + 2 feather + 1 gunpowder + 1 paper.

All mobs within 10 blocks will be discarded!

Shell: 2 arrows, + 2 bow + 1 paper.

Use the thing on which was superimposed a spell to hurl arrows.

Explosion: TNT 2 + 2 gunpowder + 1 paper.

Causes mild explosion.

Explosive projectile: 2 TNT + 1 arrow + 1 onion + 1 paper.

TNT releases fiery arrow.

Murder: 1 iron sword + diamond sword 3 + 1 paper.

Kills everything it touches.

Jump: 3 feathers + 1 iron boots + 1 paper.

Click on the ground to bounce high.

Rain: 2 lapis block + 1 arrow + 1 onion + 1 paper.

Sets rainy weather.

Speed: 1 bone + 1 sugar + 1 coal + 1 feather + 1 paper.

Gives the effect of the speed of the third level for 10 seconds.

Crafting table: 1 workbench + 1 iron axe + 1 iron shovel + iron pickaxe 1 + 1 paper.

Puts the workbench.

Cultivation: 1 sugar + 2 diamond + 1 bone + 1 paper.

Instantly, everything grows.

Water source: 2 lapis block + 2 bucket + 1 paper.

Creates a water source.

Source of the lava: 2 obsidian + 2 bucket + 1 paper.

Creates a lava source.

Install SpellCraft mod:
Download mod.
Start BlockLauncher Pro.
Click on the Allen key.
Go to "ModPE Script".
Enable mods and click "Add".
Now you need to find the downloaded mod in the file system of your device and click on it.
Mod installed, have fun!

27 Feb 2016
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