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PlaySound V3.0 Mod for Minecraft PE 0.9.5 - 0.10.4


Tired of playing in silence in Minecraft PE 0.9.5 - 0.10.4 mod then PlaySound you will love. With it, you can play with music and get built-in player. At the moment, in mod for Minecraft PE there are 7 songs on this game and fits the gameplay, a complete list of the songs you'll see below.

Available commands in chat:
/soundlist - display the complete list of songs;
/stop - stop playing the songs;
/creator - to know these authors

List of music in mod:
- Minecraft PE
- Minecraft TNT
- Skillet Monster
- Let's go home
- IvanGau pro zadrot
- Wiggle
- Minecraft PC

If you like to listen to music and play Pocket Edition mod PlaySound then you will love it and you'll be happy to listen to the music on this game.

1. Download BlockLauncher for 0.9.5 minecraft (1.7.7) to 0.10.4 (1.8.1)
2. Go to BlockLauncher wrench in there click ModPE Script all SModPE 2(1-2) to throw back...
3. Most importantly: MinecraftResourse Folder from archive throw in a folder games/com.mojang/

05 Oct 2015
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