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More Pistons Mod For Minecraft PE 0.15.6, 0.15.4, 0.15.0


At this time we expect several new types of useful functions. Adding to the new version of Minecraft PE redston was extremely illogical not to add such elements as pistons. Of course, in the future, this omission will be fixed, but so far, the players have to do without this feature. More Pistons mod for Minecraft gives you the opportunity to catch up. After you activate the mod in your order there will be 10 types of pistons. In creative they will find themselves immediately at your disposal, but in survival mode they can be crafting.

The most usual is a simple piston that moves the blocks to a distance of one block. One is normal and when it is deactivated simply returns to its original position, and the second is sticky and when switched off will return to the place one block. Also in this set, double, triple and quadruple blocks. They, in turn, move the design to a distance of two, three, or four units respectively. So, as in simple pistons, these are represented by two types – regular and sticky with similar capabilities. Sticky in all cases returns to its original position on the block, with which the contacts.

There is another interesting type pistons – piston ultra. It's kind of a sticky piston, but unlike the others, he returns when you deactivate all the blocks that shifted during the initial power on.

Based on these elements you can build a pretty interesting design, and their functionality is limited only by your imagination. To install More Pistons mod for Minecraft simple. For this, do the following:

  • Run the latest version of BlockLauncher Pro
  • Click on the key and go to "Settings BL"
  • In the section "ModPE Script" click on "Add"
  • Select the file of the mod in the place where you downloaded it from our website.
    In the same way installation textures
    After this mod is established. It remains only to learn recipes to craft pistons in survival mode, and we present them below:

  • The piston (normal) (ID 199) is 5 wood + 2 cobblestone + 1 gold ingot + 1 red dust
  • Sticky piston (ID 200) – 1 arm + 1 slime
  • The double piston (ID 202) – 2 plain piston
  • Double sticky piston (ID 203) – 2 sticky piston
  • Triple piston (ID 204) – 3 conventional piston
  • Triple sticky piston (ID 205) – 3 sticky piston
  • Quadruple piston (ID 206) to 4 conventional piston
  • Quadruple sticky piston (ID 207) – 4 sticky piston
  • Ultra piston (ID 208) – 8 slime + 1 piston

    Also available in creative elements such as the Extension of the piston (ID 201) and the Fake red block (ID 209) that aren't in survival.

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