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Modpack Portal Gun for Minecraft PE iOS, Android 1.9, 1.8


Portal Gun mod for Minecraft PE will allow you to get everything that was available in the PC version. After you download and install it you will have a weapon that creates portals, radio installation without which they will not work, Jumpy shoes, trampoline, anti-gravity machine, by which you can turn off gravity in any Moba. At your disposal will be only 4 portal gun, they all do the same thing. Such an amount is required because one gun can create only 2 portal, and therefore requires this number of the same guns that you could create a portal 4 to enter and exit at different points of the game Minecraft PE.

If you think that you are not high enough then you jump in will help shoes and bouncy trampoline, you can jump to a height of 5 blocks. The last thing I'd like to tell you it is a hostile bot that will attack, only that he almost does not move and the extremely low range.

If you liked all that adds mod the Portal Gun into the game Pocket Edition then you need to download and install it, then it will give you lots of fun and diversity.

1. Install file mod through BlockLauncher;
2. Folder portal-to put sounds in sdcard/games/com.mojang/

10 Oct 2015
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