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Mod The Lord of The Rings for Minecraft PE 1.8, 1.7


Mod The Lord of The Rings turns Minecraft PE in the world of middle earth from the Tolkien trilogy. Ents, mountain trolls, hobbits are true - this is just a small list of what you can meet on the way in the new world.

Seven new armor, new armor, new blocks, and more comes with this mod the Lord of the Rings. Look at the world of Minecraft on the other hand, on the part of middle-earth and exciting adventures of a brave Hobbit.


Fifteen new monsters await you in the vast square world. They can be friendly and hostile, be very careful.

Ents (id511) - living near trees, there are three different types. They reserve the sticks and timbers of the trees.

Mountain trolls (id520) - large creatures that sausmikat with the orcs. Reserve the bones and skin of trolls.

Olog hi (id519) - the evil trolls who are allies of the orcs. Reserve the bones, ingots orkboy steel and skin.

A Legion of orcs (id530) - from time to time, you may randomly receive the Legion of orcs. Sometimes he appears with Olog Hai and Warg-riders by. They are certainly not friendly to you.

Hobbits (id514) are small inhabitants of middle-earth. In the world of Minecraft they are the same small size as in the book. They leave after themselves almost all types of fruits and cakes.

Wood elves (id518, 521, 522) - appear in forest biomes. Have long ears and leave the arrows and the bow.

Rider Varg (id515) - orcs who ride armored Warg.

Vargs (id513) - animals that are usually tamed by orcs and used for riding. Leave the Fur and Bones of the Wargs Wargs.

Ingots, Ores and blocks

All new ore can be found underground as well as any other ore. Ore can be used to produce valuable metals, which can then be used for the development of new armor, tools or weapons.


Most food items can be obtained by killing the hobbits. There are also foods that you should do yourself, such as cakes.

Armor, weapons, and tools

Seven new armor weapons and new tools that can be designed using ingots. Each armor provides full protection and incredible appearance.



Black Uruk






Installed using BlockLauncher Pro and Toolbox for Minecraft: PE 1.1.1, texturepack first, then install the script.

11 Nov 2015
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