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Mod Instant Builds for Minecraft PE iOS, Android


Many players know how often exhausting process of construction of buildings in the game Minecraft PE and how much it takes time and effort. Now there is a mod Instant Builds which will allow you to build buildings in seconds. For this you will need to craft a special spawning, which allows you to build buildings in a few clicks, regardless of their complexity, it may be a small shelter and a huge tower. What would the building appeared you have to tap anywhere on the grass.

Now the process of construction of buildings of any complexity in the game Pocket Edition will not be as difficult and time consuming task, with this mod you can in a few minutes to build entire cities.


All the text in a fashion Instant Buildings will be in Portuguese, but in this post we will translate everything for you!

Open your inventory in Creative mode to get there, two new items, here they are:
  • Selecionar Construcao (ID: 510)
  • Construir Construcao (ID: 511)

    Hit the ground with a selector built in, and then use the graphical interface to select the structure (you only select this action). There are 7 different categories from which you will choose structure.

  • Simple constructions
  • Villas
  • Temples
  • Pixel art
  • Farms
  • Decorations
  • Vehicles

    Take the subject to install built in, and then hit them on the ground to set the building on the ground.

    That's all! Everything is very simple. Then use the selector structures to choose another build and install it anywhere! In the screenshots you can see some structures that can instantly install good Instant Buildings:

    How to install mod Instant Builds?:
  • Downloadable mod.
  • Software download need BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Go to settings BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Select from the menu that appears [ModPE Script].
  • Click button [Add].
  • Click [Add].
  • In the [import script] select [phone memory].
  • Go to the folder in which are preserved mod.
  • The mod should be in the format (.js).
  • Select the desired mod.
  • Mod installed, have fun!

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