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Mod GunCraft v.4.4.0 for Minecraft PE 0.11.1 - 0.10.5


If you are in the game Minecraft PE 0.11.1 - 0.10.5 lacked small arms then welcome to the new, updated mod GunCraft which will provide up to 10 weapons. Some will be quite familiar and are rifles and pistols, but on the eve of the new year, the authors have prepared a surprise for you. The gist of it is that you will have the opportunity to use secret Santa plasma gun in the game Minecraft PE. In addition to new weapons in the mod are new textures and gorgeous card, on which you can try out the entire Arsenal.

ID objects:
480 — new caliber
481 — Golden rifle
482 — rifle
483 — sniper rifle
484 — a potion of restore HP quick
485 — a potion of restore HP + 50
486 — potion of stamina

If you want to get new weapons in the game Pocket Editiob, then the mod GunCraft you have the chance. You will choose from a large number of firearms and even a plasma gun.

02 Oct 2015
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