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Mod Gravel Destroyer for Minecraft PE


If you are tired of problems associated with gravel in the game Minecraft PE 0.9.5 0.10.0 and then Gravel mod Destroyer is very useful, it allows you to add to the game a gold shovel that is designed for the destruction of the gravel. Before digging mines and the treasure hunt, when you run across the gravel, you had to fold and look for a more suitable place, it is not a problem. Once you make above the shovel, you can destroy the whole gravel posts, which greatly simplifies the process of digging. That would remove the gravel which stood in your way, just tap on it with a spatula and it will disappear, then you can safely continue to dig.

If you are tired of the gravel in Pocket Edition and you don't want to spend the time to create a new Shah in another, more suitable location, then this modification will be useful to you.

20 Sep 2015
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