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Mod Factorization for Minecraft PE 0.12.1 and 0.11.1


Mod Factorization 3.5.1 for Minecraft PE 0.12.1 and 0.11.1 will replace some mods from the PC version and allows you to use them in PE. Buildcraft, Industrial Craft 2 and partly Greg tech and Forestry is not a complete list of modifications which have absorbed this mod. With its help you in the game Minecraft PE will be five new ores, blocks the mechanisms that will allow you to create complex and useful mechanism and even the ability to create a nuclear bomb, a full list of changes is below:

Five new ores.
Thirty-five engines and a lot of items.
Convenient and beautiful interface for most mechanisms.
Automatic extraction of different resources.
Work and storage of liquids.
The ability to move items between the mechanisms and the chests will connect mechanisms into a full-fledged network.
The energy from which can operate most machinery. Is created by generators, is transported on the wire.
A variety of electric tools, quantum armor and weapons.
Nuclear bomb.

The main thing in this mod for Pocket Edition blocks-mechanisms that can perform many tasks that seem mundane. For example will follow the mobs, mining ore, to generate energy, to grow any plants and work with different kinds of liquids. First mod is designed for survival and allows you to do this for quite a long time.

1. To install the necessary texture "textures — zip...".
2. To install a special script "factorization 3.X.js".
3. To read this description.
4. When entering the selected world will run the startup files for the GUI. However, if GUI is not working install GUI Loader — factorization.apk and install the GUI file with it.

20 Sep 2015
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