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Mob Capsules Mod for Minecraft PE


If you are experiencing problems with the control of mobs, then mod Mod Mob Capsules - capsules of mobs for MCPE will be useful, with it you can catch any mob and move wherever you want. For example, if you built your own farm and want to have livestock or near your home zombie wanders and always gets in your way. After you catch mob in the game Minecraft PE in the capsule, you can release it in any place convenient for you, let it be a corral or away from your home.

Mod Mob Minecraft PE Capsules to greatly facilitate gameplay for many players and now that would get rid of hostile mobs you don't need to fight him, you only have to catch him, after that, it will be absolutely safe.

How to use mod and catch mobs?

First you need to craft the capsule for catching mobs, for this you need 2 diamonds, 2 gold bars, 2 iron bars, 2 glass panels and 1 red stone. After you will have one empty capsule for catching mobs, just take it in your hands and tap her any mod that would catch it.

After you catch the creature in your inventory will appear Capsule Mob [Name_mod], then you can take it and release it anywhere.

After you free Moba capsule will be empty again and you with it can catch another Moba and it's very good, because you don't need to spend a lot of resources each time creating a new capsule.

The IDs of the items and recipes

Capsule Moba [Blank] (453) – 2 diamond + 2 gold ingots + 2 iron ingots + 2 glass + 1 red stone
Capsule Mob [Chicken] (454)
Capsule Mob [Cow] (455)
Capsule mob [Pig] (456)
Capsule Mob [Mushroom cow] (460)
Capsule Mob [Zombies] (461)
Capsule mob [Creeper] (462)
Capsule Mob [Skeleton] (463)
Capsule Mob [Spider] (464)
Capsule Mob [Spinocellular] (465)
Capsule Mob [slug] (466)
Capsule Mob [wanderer edge] (467)
Capsule Mob [Cesminica] (468)
Capsule Mob [Sheep] (469)
Capsule Mob [Wolf] (470)
Capsule Mob [Resident] (471)

14 Oct 2015
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