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Magic Sticks Mod for Minecraft PE iOS, Android


Mod on magic wands, Magic Sticks for game Minecraft PE through which to see the 19 magic wands with unique properties and one secret. To get all sticks at its disposal (apart from the secret one), type in chat the command /sticks and then you will see all of the sticks that will appear in your inventory. Each of them will have unique properties, for example with their help you can create blocks of dynamite or paralyze mobs. The most powerful wand in the Magic Sticks mod for Minecraft PE is the nineteenth, with its help you can create a very powerful explosion that will destroy everything in its path, so be careful.

To get the secret wand in MCPE, you will need to use the wand for Revenge of the Creeper (Revenge on Creeper Stick) until on your screen you will see a notice that the Baton is very, very huge Explosion has been unlocked and you can use it. This is just one of the ways how to get it in the game Minecraft PE, if you don't want to wait just type in the chat command /testeasteregg and it will be available immediately.

If you are looking for mod on magic wands in the game Pocket Edition then Magic Sticks is exactly what you are looking for and you can get their hands on one of 19 sticks, which will help you in any game situation.

07 Oct 2015
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