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Lightning Gem Mod For Minecraft PE iOS, Android


An interesting modification called the Lightning Gem which will allow you to build special machinery (power plant) in MCPE which will convert the energy of lightning into electricity and allows you to store it in the special orbs that you can use it to summon lightning in any field.

Identifiers for blocks/items and recipes:

Wire (69) – 6 iron ingots
The current collector (70) – 5 iron ingots + 4 red stone
Electric gem (449) – tap the diamond on the Susceptor
Electric Orb (450) – 2 electric gem + 7 glass panels
Sverhsekretnye electric gem (451) – click the diamond on the Susceptor
Sverhsekretnye electric Orb (452) – 2 of sverhdorogoy electric gem + 7 glass panels

Manufacturing plant

To start, create 8 Wire 1 and the Susceptor. Position the Susceptor in the center and surround the Wires, as shown in the screenshot below.

Now we need a not much diamond that it is necessary to tap on the Susceptor, after which can be one of 4 possible actions:

  • System overload: the big Bang
  • Failed charge: a small explosion
  • Loaded: the land falls electric gem
  • Sverhdorogie: falls to the ground Sverhsekretnye electric gem

Charged orbs

To start creating arbov that will store the electricity, you first need to get 2 Electric gem and 2 of Sverhdorogoy electric gem, and only then, you can start the crafting process.

Electric Orb

To create an Electrical Orb you will need 2 Electric gem and 7 glass panels.

Take the Orb in your hand and click on the ground to use it. In specified the area you will be struck by lightning, creating a small explosion.

Super charged electric Orb

To create a Super-charged electric Orb, have 2 Super charged electric gem and 7 glass panels.

To use this Orb, a simple press on the ground, as in the case with the previous one. But be careful, because the explosion is much more dangerous, and more.

14 Oct 2015
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