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Inventory Pets Mod For Minecraft PE iOS, Android 1.8, 1.7


Mod Inventory PE Pets — this modification adds in the world Minecraft PE Pets. In the world of MCPE will be 31 pet. You'll be able to develop Pets and keep them in inventory. Next, you will need to feed your Pets in the future, they will bring you some benefit. All Pets have what abilities, except for a few. Mod Inventory PE Pets provides a great opportunity to have Pets without the risk of losing them because he will be in your inventory. The only risk is to die with the presence of Pets in the inventory.

To use any of Pets, you need to place it in Hotbar. Also, remember, You need to feed your Pets to death. It is best to consistently maintain their health so that nothing happened (to feed the animals keep food in any slot Hotbar).

Every animal you can use in different ways. Some animals have passive abilities, while other animals can perform certain actions, after clicking on them. For example, domestic sheep can be used to obtain the effect of jumping. Pet "blaze" can be used to set fire to mobs.

Below you can see the necessary information about Pets: recipes for crafting, food and their ability. Also here you can see a complete list of crafting recipes for animal feed. All of this below on this page description of Inventory Pets PE.

Ghast Pet (id - 4014):
Food: blaze powder.
Ability: use the item to cause explosions (and get 1-2 seconds of temporary damage resistance / fire) (possibly 3 use, up to expiration of the 1st blaze of the powder, and then need to recharge)

Spider Pet (id 4015):
Food: raw chicken.
Ability: the effect of jumping, climbing on the walls. Makes sounds when she eats.

Pet Magma Cube (id - 4020):
Food: a hell of quartz.
Abilities: fire resistance and the ability to walk on lava.

Moon Pet (id 4057):
Food: tear gasta.
Ability: use element, to change the force of gravity (allows the mobs to fly in the sky/fall)

Mooshroom Pet (id 4013):
Food: red mushroom.
Abilities: the use of this element is equal to bone meal it enhances the growth of plants). Keep an empty bowl in your inventory to get the mushrooms to stew.

Creeper Pet (id 4019):
Food: gunpowder.
Ability: use an item to trigger the explosion (1-2 seconds temporary damage) (3 uses, consume 1 gunpowder, then you need to recharge)

Blaze Pet (id - 4022):
Food: a hell of quartz.
Ability to: use this item to set fire to enemy fire. The strength of the potion.

We have no images for the rest of the animals effects / uses, but they are all equally amazing.

Cow Pet (id 4007):
Food: wheat.
Abilities: Removes negative potion effects and regenerate the hunger. Keep an empty bucket in your inventory to get some milk. Pets should have!

Pig Pet (id - 4009):
Food: carrots.
Ability: feed a carrot and a soggy pork chop in return.

Sheep Pet (id - 4008):
Food: wheat.
Ability: the effect of jumps. Slow down. When it is, it gives you wool.

Chicken Pet (id - 4010):
Food: seeds of wheat.
Abilities: Increase movement speed. Gives eggs.

Squid Pet (id - 4011):
Food: seeds of wheat.
Abilities: underwater effects: night vision. increase the speed, underwater breathing.

Ocelot Pet (id 4012):
Food: the fish is cooked.
Abilities: night vision. There is the opportunity to catch raw fish in the water (accident).

Iron Golem Pet (id 4016):
Food: iron ingot.
Ability : use this item to potion effect: Resistance II (2 minutes) (can be used 3 times, followed by a recharge)

Snow Golem Pet (id - 4017):
Food: pumpkin.
Ability: the effect of garbage mobs. Gives snowballs during the meal.

Enderman Pet (id - 4018):
Food: Ender nuggets.
Ability: use this item to teleport (you can use 3 times, followed by a recharge)

Furnace Pet (id 4027):
Food: coal.
Abilities: use this element for melting of the first things Hotbar (need 1 coal for use).

Anvil Pet (id 4031):
Food: iron ingots.
Ability: auto repair items in the inventory.

Brewing Stand Pet (id 4032):
Food: a hell of a growth.
Ability: use this item to get a random effect.

Sponge Pet (id 4034):
Food: water Lily.
Ability: use an element to supply water.

Purplicious Cow Pet (id 4035):
Food: diamond nugget.
Abilities: health regeneration.

Mickerson Pet (id 4036):
Food: diamond nugget.
Abilities: resistance to damage.

Illuminati Pet (id 4031):
Food: Redstone Comparator (error, should be: emerald nugget)
Abilities: sneak+ — use this element to get the effect of invisibility (30 seconds).

Juggernaut Pet (id 4042):
Food: Ender nugget.
Abilities: the potion of resistance (can be used 3 times, followed by a recharge)

Quiver Pet (id 4044):
Food: arrows.
Ability: use this item to shoot arrows.

Pacman Pet (id 4045):
Food: cookies.
Abilities: use this element to get the effect of gain of strength (8 seconds) (cost: 1 cookie per use).

Cheetah Pet (id 4046):
Food: raw trigger.
Ability: increases the speed of digging the mine. Use the item to get a higher movement speed.

Cloud Pet (id 4052):
Food: a hell of quartz.
Ability: increases speed (in creative mode or if you switch to airplane mode in survival mode).

Pet Pufferfish (id 4053):
Food: glow dust.
Abilities: None currently

Pet Shield (id - 4055):
Food: nugget of iron.
Ability: use this item to get resistance to damage effect potions (can be used 3 times, followed by a recharge)

Heart Pet (id 4056):
Food: Mac.
Ability: use this item to get the health regeneration effect of the potion (can be used 3 times, followed by a recharge)

Pets food & Recipes crafting

Installation Inventory Pets PE:
  • Download a mod.
  • Start MCPE Master / BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Click on the wrench key.
  • Go to "ModPE Script".
  • Enable mods and click "Add".
  • Now You need to find the downloaded mod in the file system of your device and click on it.
  • The mod has an extension of .modpkg. Textures will be automatically installed!
  • Mod installed, enjoy the game!

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