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Factorization v.3.7 Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5 & 0.10.4


New version all long been a favorite of mod Factorization v.3.7 for game Minecraft PE 0.10.4 and 0.10.0 in which you will find many new, and also had eliminated a large number of bugs and improvements. In this version of the mod you will have the ability to create nano armor, a compressor and a lot of new materials, such as concrete, as well as a lot of new and very useful items with which to play Minecraft PE will become even more interesting. Full list of changes in mod Factorization v.3.7 you can find below.

New mechanisms:
Compressor is required for the CFRP, composite and compressed concrete, respectively from guledani, the composite ingot and block of concrete. The interface has 3 slots - 1 ingredient, 2 for results and 3 for accelerators. Stores 2000 energy.

New features:
The coal dust obtained in the masticator from coal, we need to create guledani.
The composite ingot is needed to create the composite in the compressor
Carbon - need for creation of carbon in the compressor.
Uncured concrete is needed to create the compressed concrete in the compressor
Composite - needed for crafting of laser and iridium composite.
The fiber - needed for crafting of Nebrodi.
Compressed concrete is needed to fill a concrete paver on the bench.

New items:
Nanopore each set increases damage absorption by 24%. With the full set acquisition - 96% (1 HP will be lost in any case). Does not block damage that instantly kill the player (more than his current health). Each element of the armor loses 40 energy for every damage, a fully charged element contains 16000 energy.

Stacker concrete is charged by means of compressed concrete on the workbench. The use of stacks up to 16 blocks of uncured concrete.
When laying on a layer of cobblestone or concrete a new layer will rely on top of the old, adopting its shape. This provides a quick way to build the walls. So, with the help of concrete to fill depressions.
1.Unhardened concrete is a very durable material, usually easily destroyed. When you tap on it with the sand hardens within 2 blocks.
2.Frozen concrete is durable, has a large blast-proof, good building material.

The mining laser shoots forward charge, which is flying 20 blocks, destroying everything in a radius of 1 unit from the projectile. All destroyed blocks except stone and earth fall. Low damage mobs. Consumes 500 energy per shot, 100000 stores energy. Used to quickly create passes.

Energometall - charged subject. 100000 stores energy. When you tap on the device sends it to 10,000 energy.

Besides all this, had eliminated the most frequent bugs that often marred the game with this modification in Minecraft Pocket Edition. After updating the mod is more stable and has got new features that are sure to please many players.

1. To install texture "textures -"
2. Set script "factorization 3.X.js"
3. Fully read this description
4. When entering any world happens the startup files for the GUI. But if the GUI doesn't work or works incorrectly, get the app GUI Loader - factorization.apk (attached in archive) and install the GUI files.

Download the old version of the mod Factorization v.3.6.1 for Minecraft PE

07 Oct 2015
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