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Factorization v.3.6.1 Mod for Minecraft PE 1.9.0 1.8, 1.7


V Factorization.3.6.1 - this is an updated version of the well-known mod for game Minecraft PE in which you will find very interesting and useful. In this version of the modification for Minecraft PE the authors have focused on fluid and added them quite a large number. The most important thing that will surprise you, they have their own physics and act like a true liquid and not as blocks. You will have the opportunity to use oil and gasoline, and added mechanisms that operate on them. The only thing that petrol cannot be poured in a game world MCPE and it is kept strictly in special barrels or buckets.

What mod adds
1. 5 new ores
2. 39 mechanisms and a variety of items
3. Beautiful and user friendly interface many mechanisms
4. Automatic extraction of any resource.
5. The work and storage of liquids (barrels, pipes and pumps)
6. The possibility of transporting items between chests and mechanisms will connect to the network mechanizmy
7. Energy which works most of the mechanisms. Produced by the generators t is transported on the wire.
8. Electrical tools, weapons and quantum armour.
9. Beekeeping.
10. Nuclear bomb
11. 6 new fluids, 1 of them you can pour into the world like water.

The basis of the mod are blocks the mechanisms that are necessary for completely different purposes. With these systems of these mechanisms, you can automate almost any process in the game. The mechanisms can process and transport the resources to generate the energy to mine the ore, grow the plants, watch out for mobs and work with liquids.

Mod targeted at survival with him. In the world together with the usual 5 new ores are generated, and sometimes there are rubber trees and hives of wild bees. With these resources you will be able to create simple mechanisms: probes and simple generators that will help you to create components for crafting advanced mechanisms and objects, such as a nuclear reactor, matter generator, an electric drill and quantum armor. With the mod you can survive for a very long time and develop in different directions.

Changes and improvements in mod:
1. Oil is a liquid that can be poured into the world, like water or lava. Has all the properties of water, but spreads over large areas. You can dial in the bucket. Generated in the world because lakes with fountains in the middle.
2. Liquid matter obtained in the generator of matter and can be converted to normal with the help of a Replicator.
3. The biomass obtained in the bioreactor from plants and raw meat. Serves as good fuel for the new generator.
4. Gasoline is made from oil, good fuel.
5. Now when you move the key to the mechanism, you can enable/disable it using the button. Off mechanism can interact with the player and other mechanisms, but he will not be able to do. By default, all mechanisms are enabled.
6. Jetpack now has a button that needs to hold for flight. Also the jetpack will not immediately break the fall, and will have some time to slow down. Consider this when flying without quantum boots.
7. Fixed a dupe with the destruction of a mechanism with an open interface.
8. Changed texturepack.
9. Improved world generator.
10. Added new commands in FactAPI
11. All items and blocks in creative

Now you will have even more opportunities in the game Pocket Edition you will get mod Factorization v.3.6.1 and will allow you to create very complex and very useful tools and much more.

0. Download mod Factorization v.3.6.1 at the link below
1. To install texture "textures -"
2. Set script "factorization 3.X.js"
3. Fully read this description
4. When entering any world happens the startup files for the GUI. But if the GUI doesn't work or works incorrectly, get the app GUI Loader - factorization.apk (attached in archive) and install the GUI files.

05 Oct 2015
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