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Evil Steve Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.0 - 0.10.4


If you think that normal mobs are too weak for you, then install Evil Steve mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.4 and 0.10.0 and you will have a mob with 1000 hearts lives. This mob will be an exact copy of the hero game Minecraft PE Steve. In addition to strong boss mod adds a few items that will be useful in the battle with him. After you call Evil Steve the time of day, automatically changes to night, so be prepared to battle with him and call it in a well lit area. To cope with the evil Steve, you need to create a special bucket that will do the damage of 100 hearts and burn the enemy with it, you'll have to fight evil in MCPE.

Items in mod:
id490 — egg spawn, crafted from simple eggs and emeralds.
id424 — thing that shoots 20 life+fire. Falls, after the death of the boss.
id422 — bucket that takes 100 lives+ignition.

Crafted from 1 piece (id424) +1 diamond sword + diamond +1 iron sword + iron ingot +1 stone sword + gold bar + gold sword.

If you download and install the mod Evil Steve in the game Pocket Edition you will have a new, very strong opponent, to win which is not so easy.

05 Oct 2015
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