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Easy C4 Explosives Mod For Minecraft PE iOS, Android 1.9, 1.8


Want to undermine with dynamite c4? With this Minecraft PE mod it will be possible! Now you will be able to undermine the vast arrays of blocks. Want to undermine the whole island? No problem! The main thing that withstood your phone and the game not took off.

How to use the mod?
  • That would set the dynamite wherever you want, you have to go to that place and write the command in chat /c4_set
  • The second action that you need to do is to move away from this place at a safe distance and then write the command /c4_trigger
  • Radius where is the force of the explosion in blocks, for example
    /c4_trigger <2> - it will be a small explosion 2х2х2 (total 8 blocks)
    /c4_trigger <4> - this is the big Bang 4x4x4 (total 64 blocks)

    Install Easy C4 Explosives mod:
  • Download a mod.
  • Start MCPE Master or BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Click on the wrench key.
  • Go to "ModPE Script".
  • Enable mods and click "Add".
  • Now you need to find the downloaded mod in the file system of your device and click on it.
  • Mod installed, enjoy the game!

  • 26 Jul 2016
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