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Beacon Mod For Minecraft PE 0.14.1, 0.14.0


Beacon PE mod — adds in the world Minecraft PE — "the lighthouse", the same as on the PC version of Minecraft. This lighthouse the lighthouse is a little inferior to the PC version, but nevertheless the function he performs.

Beacon will distribute on a large and small radius effects that you specified in "configuration" of the lighthouse. The radius distribution effect will depend on the scale of the structure (the pyramid). More later ...

How does it work?
The first thing You need is to extract the Lower Star of the World. It can be made using the crafting recipe with the available tools or to get in your inventory creative regime. If you play in survival mode, then use the mod Toolbox.

The star of the Lower World — id:600

Then when you have created a Star of the Lower World, you can proceed with the development of the Lighthouse.

Lighthouse — id:600

After the lighthouse was constructed, go to the next step. You need to make a special platform, which will host the lighthouse. The platform should look like a pyramid, except the lower platform, i.e. the height of one block. To construct the platforms, take the following blocks: diamond, emerald, gold and iron. To have access to all possible effects, the design should look like this: base - 9 x 9 blocks; the top 7 × 7, 5 × 5, 3 × 3 (total 164 units) and on top of this unit.

In our example, we have done all types of structures at the upper base of which is placed a lighthouse. To help you understand the largest design has more available effects and apply these effects to a range of 50 blocks. For the design with one block radius — 16 blocks, then the design of more — 24, 32 blocks, and for the largest design radius distribution effect, as we mentioned earlier — 50 units. It is worth considering that the radius of the distance of the player from the pyramid also includes the height coordinate (Y).

How to get the effects?
Once you have determined on the design of the lighthouse — click on it. After that, You will see a graphical user interface. The interface is pretty docile menu, which is divided into convenient blocks. The first block — "Main effects", the second block of "Additional effects"

Major effects, You'll see the following:
  • Speed
  • Fine motor skills
  • Resistance
  • Super jump
  • Power

    To get the effect — choose the desired effect, then in the empty slot at the bottom lay one of the available precious metals.

    Then click on the button confirm. As soon as you activate the selected effect Your character at once it will feel.

    Even if you move away to a distance of not more than 50 units, the effect will still be active. The special feature of beams is that they renew the effect every 4 seconds.

    Installation Beacon PE:
    Download mod.
    Start BlockLauncher Pro.
    Click on the Allen key.
    Go to "ModPE Script".
    Enable mods and click "Add".
    Now You need to find the downloaded mod in the file system of your device and click on it.
    The mod has an extension .modpkg. The textures will be installed automatically!
    Mod installed, have fun!

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