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AutomatedCraft Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.0 - 0.10.4


If you want to automate some processes in the game Minecraft PE 0.10.0 - 0.10.4 mod then AutomatedCraft will allow you to do this and to create Autonomous mechanisms. The main objective of this mod is to add new items in the game Minecraft PE with which you and will create an automatic drill, which will dig and collect resources for you, or automated farm on which to grow cereals, for example wheat.

ID objects:
- Laser Drill (512)
- MultiFarm Frame (215)
- MultiFarm Controller (216)
- Farm Input Port (217)
- Farm Output Port (218)
- Farm Power Port (219)
- Lamp on (220)
- Lamp off (221)

Laser drill

This unit will be for you to dig to the bedrock, when you put it on top of the chest and tap on it and all resources obtained will be placed in the trunk. That would stop the process of digging resources, just tap on the chest.

Automatic farm

This farm will help us to grow grass, this version is available only wheat and other crops will be available in the next updates. Farm can be 2 units in height and 7x7, 5x5, 9x9 blocks around the perimeter. Let's try to build a farm that is smaller.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4: Fill the trunk on originating port wheat seeds!

Step 5: Click on the controller (the red block in the middle) and activate the farm.

You're, done! Wheat grows every 10 seconds.


Lamps will help you illuminate the premises or the street near your home or used as a decor element. Lamps can be turned on and off, you just have to tap on them.

05 Oct 2015
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