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Assassin’s Gear Mod for Minecraft PE iOS and Android 1.9, 1.8


If you played the game Assassin's Creed then Assassin's Gear mod for Minecraft PE you will be delighted and will give the opportunity to use all the weapons and coping clan of assassins. At your disposal is adjudged to be a Throwing axe, the Blade of silence, the Cloak of invisibility and other things that will allow you to master the technique of silent killing and hidden in the game Minecraft PE.

Information about objects, identifiers, and recipes

The blade of Silence (429) – 6 coal + 2 iron ingot + 1 stick
A rope with a hook (431) – 6 coal + 2 gold ingots + 1 iron ingot
Throwing axe (430) – 3 iron ingots + 4 coal + 2 sticks
Cloak of invisibility (433)

The Blade Of Silence

This allows the weapon to kill the mobs without attracting their attention in the distance. In other words, if you use this blade, the mob doesn't notice your attacks and not trying to attack you.

Rope with hook

Allows you to instantly navigate to where drops the hook to throw it hit the ground.

Throwing hatchet

A very interesting weapon allows you to attack enemies at a distance. That would throw the axe hit in the right place on the earth, when the hatchet hit the ground at the specified location, it will explode and will deal damage to all nearby mobs.

The cloak of invisibility

Allows you becomes not visible, though not visible only your character and the weapon that he holds in his hand, remains prominent.

10 Oct 2015
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