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Alternate Furnace Power Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.0 & 0.10.4


The Alternate Furnace Power mod through which you can create a solar panel and use it to turn on and off the oven when it's convenient. Importantly for the solar panel is light, so it works only in the daytime. If you need the furnace at night then switch the time of day by using mod Hack On v1.0 or wait until morning. What would the solar panel started to work, you need to put it on the top of the furnace in the game Minecraft PE and not in any case not to put it on top of other blocks, except for glass otherwise it just won't work. If you exit the game then the oven will turn off automatically, so the next time you log into the game MCPE turn it on again.

Solar panel (212) — 3 lapis lazuli block + 6 iron ingots

If you want your furnace in the game Pocket Edition worked on solar energy and you could enable and disable it at any time convenient for you, then you just need to download the Alternate Furnace Power mod.

05 Oct 2015
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