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AgameR MoreOptions Mod For Minecraft PE iOS/Android


The AgameR MoreOptions PE mod adds to the game menu with many unique features that will allow you to control the game play Minecraft PE and more. Just AgameR MoreOptions mod has over 20 different features that will allow you to give yourself any item, change game mode, to set the mobs into the fire, when you have them beat, and more.

The AgameR MoreOptions mod you will be able to do new things experimental, for example, you can activate X-Ray and to test his ability with option (a hack) to walk to walk shozi wall. The mod has a wide range of functions that may be useful to you in any convenient time for you. The mod has easier navigation, and a button for opening a GUI, which makes it comfortable to play in Minecraft PE.

  • The ability to walk through walls.
  • Support the function of flight.
  • The output coordinates.
  • Support For X-Ray.
  • The ability to fly a Jetpack.
  • The ability to jump high.
  • Displays a list of active hacks.
  • There is a panic button to disable all hacks at once.

    Now over the animals and mobs have health bars.

    How to use?
    Once you enter the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition you will see in the bottom right corner of the screen a new button, which activates (opens) menu mod AgameR MoreOptions PE.

    This menu contains the whole set of functionality and fashion AgameR MoreOptions PE. You can equip yourself with this menu, any item, change game mode, to speed up the process of the game, set the character's Jet pack, parachute and more. In mod options you can set display options button menu mod and menu design, which you can change.

    X-Ray is the most popular and most used feature in Minecraft Pocket Edition (Ref mod AgameR MoreOptions PE). To activate X-Ray, go to menu and enable this option, then turn off fancy graphics, if it was previously enabled. Then after you have activated an x-ray, break the block of land to fully incorporate it. All blocks become transparent and this will allow us to see everything underground.

    Walk through walls:
    When you activate Walk Through Blocks, you will be able without any problems to walk through walls. But there is one unpleasant feature - you will not be able to jump. When you have activated this option, you will be able to walk came through the wall at the level where you were standing during the activation options. To move higher for a few blocks and pass through the wall you need to turn off Walk Through Blocks, and then re-activate when you will be in place. Example:

    (As you can see we have passed through the wall, and we have not received even a scratch.)

    Adding items to the inventory:
    With this mod you can get items pre-entered in relevant box item id, quantity and damage (if needed - optional*).

    When you activate jetpack, you will immediately start to fly, although the texture of the Jetpack has no functionality its just surprising. To control the direction of the JP just look in the right direction. If you want to fly up - look up a bit. To disable the Jetpack you need back to the menu and transfer in a mode Off this feature.

    High jumps:
    High jumps allow you to jump much higher than code. This way you will not be able to jump one block, and two it will speed up the process of climbing high mountains or hills, which consist of "steps" in two and higher blocks.

    The parachute most effectively used when you are on a high cliff, which has a very difficult descent, but as you know hard impassable rocks and mountains take a lot of time on the descent. Using the parachute you don't need to find a safe place to descend from a cliff, because you can jump with it and you will start to levitate slowly falling to the ground. The parachute has no animation, but the effectiveness of the parachute are acceptable.


    Download mod.
    Start BlockLauncher Pro.
    Click on the Allen key.
    Go to "ModPE Script".
    Enable mods and click "Add".
    Now you need to find the downloaded mod in the file system of your device and click on it.
    Mod installed, have fun!

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