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Mini-game Be A Shepherd for Minecraft PE 1.16.201, 1.16.40


If you like mini games in Minecraft PE, then the card Be A Shepherd - be a shepherd will allow you to try your hand at the role of shepherd and avoiding all the dangers to hold your favorite cow. This map resembles the other map Guide The Sheep in which you need to hold the sheep through various obstacles, only in our case it will be the cow and you will have to wait for new traps and dangers.

What would keep a cow, you need wheat, you will lure her and thereby force her to avoid all dangers on her way, and there will be a very large number, ranging from lava and cactus fields to.

How to play?

When you appear on a map Be A Shepherd in Minecraft PE next to you there will be a chest in which you'll find wheat and some eggs spawn cows. Take the egg spawn and activate it at the specified location, thereby causing the cow, then pick up the wheat and use it to start the cow.

The rules of the game on the map "Become a shepherd"
  • Never destroy blocks, if you will not order to do it
  • Play calling
  • Follow in-game instructions

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