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Xrun Speed Run Parkour Map for Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Xrun Speed Run is a fun and quick card for aerial parkour in Minecraft PE. You can in full force to enjoy a new sprint in the game. To play on this map, you do not need mods or other third-party applications to complete. Before the game, on the map, don't forget to read the instructions! Good luck!

Manual to map:
Creating this map, we have noticed a slight glitch in version Minecraft. Maybe it's not a bug, but a feature version, but still, we will tell you a little bit.

Each floating in the air platform made of ice and covered with carpet. When you will run the sprint (double running), with each platform your speed will be higher and higher. Thus you will be able to complete the parkour from beginning to end.

05 Dec 2015
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