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Rumble Ring PvP Minecraft PE Map iOS, Android 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Here is a great map for the server Minecraft PE mode PvP or Deathmatch. At least 2 people can play it, if you want to see why it is made. If you just want to look at it - please download and see. But the point of the map is lost, because it is a PvP arena. There are many features and tricks, there are hidden chests with very important to fight things. There are hidden traps and much more.

Spawn map looks very cheerful, which reminds a lot of spawns on servers PE:

The center of the map with chests on top. It is very difficult to take, be careful, there's a lot of lava:

Well, the arena itself, though it is not so easy to find, you need to dig under the ring with lava and a chest:

05 Dec 2015
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