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Dungeon Death MiniGame Map For Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


Multiplayer Minecraft PE map Death Dungeon - allows you and your friends to choose a certain class and defeat all monsters and destroy all Spawner. After you assemble the team, which will consist of a minimum of 2 players (ideally you have to gather 9 players), each of you must choose a class which has unique abilities.

The goal of the game on the map Death Dungeon

Each player must choose their class, approaching the chest with the appropriate sign and take all of its contents. After all players choose their gaming classes, you will need to repel the attacks of mobs and eventually destroy all Spawner.

Description of classes and their tasks

Archer: Attacks mobs with arrows from afar.
Knight: Fights in close combat, should distract the mobs on yourself, because it has good armor.
Smith: Calls on fire, dealing gradual damage.
Trainer wolves: Causes and tames wolves, which then uses in battle.
Assassin: Fights in melee, slows enemies by using the web.
Water wizard: Douses enemies with water, to confuse them.
Builder: Builds protective structures using the blocks given to him in the beginning. Can put out the fire.
Stalker: Sets rail and trolley to catch mobs. For example, set the rails directly in front of the mob and then quickly put the trolley before the mob will go on the rails. Thus, you will deal damage to the creature.

Then when you are fully ready and will know what to do each player in accordance with his class, break the glass and start the battle. To win you have to do everything very smoothly and use all the advantages and unique abilities of each class.

05 Dec 2015
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