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Call of Duty Zombies Defense Mini-Games Map 1.16.1, 1.16.0


Call of Duty Zombies — this Minecraft PE map is a survival, which looks like a small mini-game with a few small levels, where you must fight with zombies. On the map You will be fighting rounds. It is fully automated Redstone mechanisms.
How to play?
First read all the rules, and then enter the room to start. Here will be allowed to take two swords (maximum) and a few arrows.
On one side there is a button and the chest. These objects are used to control the Zombie rounds.
Click on the button to start a new round. Open the chest to understand what the round you are. (Number of securities equal to the number of the round).

Fully complete the round before moving onto the next. Otherwise, You will have the chance to experience the vicious slaughter where you find yourself a victim.

Man Up (Potion)
On the other side of the room you will find a Man Up machine. Click on the button to get the potion. It is limited to 5 applications.

Access new levels (Café & Lab)
In order to pass to the next level, you must collect 50 pieces of rotten flesh. Throw them one after the other in a special area — the trash, to open the entrance. (I have no idea how you can throw the rotten flesh one after another, without fashion. So if you don't know how to do it, then collect 50 pieces of rotten flesh and destroy sand blocks.)

Here You will have the option of which level You should choose. Complete the level: the Cafe and the Lab before moving on to the levels that are located behind the sand blocks.

Cafe & Laboratory
In the cafeteria (as well as in other places on this map) you will find hidden chests that contain diamonds. Also there will Boost Up the machine Brew (potions). Kill zombies to get rotten flesh 75 to get to the kitchen. In the kitchen you can find a lot of delicious food and hidden room.

You probably already have an idea how this map works and what You will be faced in the lab because all the levels are almost identical to each other in the passage.

Turn on the difficulty (easy (- | -), medium (- | -) or hard (- |))
Don't destroy blocks
Take two swords in the starting room.
Collect the diamonds. They are used to produce weapons.


Install maps Call of Duty Zombies:
Download the map.
Remove the map from the archive.
Move the map by path: "/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds".
Go in Minecraft PE → Play → Select the installed map.
Enjoy the game!

03 Apr 2016
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