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SB Survival Minecraft PE Map iOS, Android 1.10.0,, 1.8.1


SB Survival Minecraft PE Map
SB Survival – looks like this map someone just blew up and everything was frozen in time and preserved in the form of a map for Minecraft PE. Map is much more complex than others in the style of SB survival. SB is formed from a grid of random blocks with the distance between them is 4 metres. There are no rules, you can do anything you can to survive.
As a bonus, most attentive map scattered treasure chests and Spawner mobs, but it's not much easier survival on this map, because just one is not cautious movement or a small error and you lose everything.


  • To build a cobblestone generator.
  • Crafted bed.
  • To build a house.
  • To build a platform to spawn animals (cow, chicken, sheep).
  • Build farm mobs.
  • To build a farm cane.
  • To build a wheat farm.
  • Build a farm of watermelons.
  • Build a farm of pumpkins.
  • Craft/produce a full set of leather armor.
  • Craft/produce a full set of iron armor. And much more. A successful game.

    SB Survival Minecraft PE Map
    SB Survival Minecraft PE Map
    SB Survival Minecraft PE Map

    Install SB Survival Map

    • Download the map
    • Remove the map from the archive
    • Move the map by path: "/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds"
    • Go in Minecraft PE > Play > Select the installed map
    • Enjoy the game!

21 May 2017
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