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QuizCraft Map For Minecraft PE 1.5.0, 1.4.0, 1.2.13

2015-12-05, 18:24:18
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Map quiz QuizCraft for Minecraft Pocket Edition will allow you to test your knowledge regarding this game and using them to answer all the questions and reach the finish line. You will be asked different questions, which belong to the game Minecraft PE, your task will be to answer correctly, breaking the sand block under the answer that think is correct. If you answer correctly, you get into the tunnel which will lead you into the room with a new question, and if not, then you fall into the lava and starts to play on the new. To play was more interesting, at the very beginning of the card read is not a great set of rules that must be fulfilled, else to play this map in MCPE QuizCraft makes no sense.

If you have been playing Minecraft PE and have a pretty good idea this game, then this map you really like and will be interesting, and if not, then you have a chance of passing this card to learn something new for yourself.

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