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Gravity Runner Map For parkour Minecraft PE 1.5.0, 1.4.0, 1.2.13

2015-12-05, 13:55:24
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This is the first Gravity Runner map for Minecraft PE and in which your task will be to pass it without stopping or you lose. To pass it you need pretty good control over your character and ability to make decisions on the fly, because the delay will threaten you with death and losing in Minecraft PE. Map is not quite ordinary, as a musician you often need to think through all that you do and to spend time on it, here you have this you will not find. This map for MCPE you have to pass, as they say in the same breath, without much thought otherwise you are doomed to failure.

If you consider yourself a pretty good player for Pocket Edition then be sure to check their hand on the map-Gravity Runner, and at the same time hone the skills of character control.
Download a new version of Gravity Runner 2 map

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