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Release Minecraft PE 0.15.0 this week - Changelog


Good news friends. One of the developers of Minecraft Pocket Edition — Thomas said on his Twitter page that the release of Minecraft PE 0.15.0 will be held this week. I think it will shorten your waiting because today or tomorrow we will be able to play the new beta version of MCPE 0.15.0. On weekends the company Mojang is working.

Just want to mention, Jason Major has shared a screenshot in which he showed the process of making arrows with effects in the cooking rack.

On the screenshot you can see that Jason has filled in boiler for example, "Potion of poison". And then took up an arrow and you need to tap her on the water in the boiler. Then boom he has acquired the attribute potions.

Now these arrows you will be able to poison mobs with archery at great distances.

Also in the new version will be able to move the inventory items in the slots.

Changelog in 0.15.0:
  • Pistons and sticky pistons, with the new animation
  • Resource packs and texture
  • Command block and mods (maybe command)
  • Horses, skeletons, Ghost, Wither, zombie sandy, and possibly polar bears
  • Trade and dialogue with citizens
  • Raw mutton
  • Generation villages in the forest and other biomes
  • The temple in the jungle
  • Maybe new biomes
  • Maybe will be added new mobs and blocks
  • Realms
  • Tag
  • Possible worlds with height 256 blocks, like on a PC
  • Leash
  • New block Explorer"
  • Arrows with effects

  • 02 Jun 2016
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