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How to make Electric Tracks in Minecraft PE?


Craft are they using gold ingots (except Golden apples and electric rails and not going anywhere). Placing in the right and left columns for three gold, you need to install in the middle range of the stick, and in the cell below particle of red dust. The resulting six pieces of rails can be used in different ways.

The maximum speed of the trolley – 8 blocks per second. To maintain such a speed, you need to put 32 units of conventional rail, and then one unit electric. If the space will have to overcome is large, you can put 1 unit electric rail 50 normal. But this is when driving in a straight line. Climbing the same mountain will have more expensive ways. It would be better to use 1 unit an electric rail, then put 2 units of regular. You can save by installing 3 units of regular, however you can get stuck in the middle of the climb.

31 Dec 2016
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