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How to make a paper in Minecraft PE?


It is difficult to imagine a man of today, who would not know and have not used a sheet of paper. Are unable to do without it, and the developers of Minecraft PE. But, unlike one of the researchers paper Chinese Cai LUN, who invented a cheaper basis for their recordings — the developers of the game made it for a totally different purpose. Here this element is required when crafting the rocket card (serves as a guide to the house and transhipment points), books and decorations of the room. In General, that paper has been and will be quite useful component for the player no doubt.

Make the paper
To produce a basis for crafting can be if you have in the inventory of sugar cane. Cane, quite randomly, grows near many bodies of water. Hack need the cane at the base. So much so, that the main hive just fell down. If you love to have all the necessary ingredients for the paper were always close by, put the cane on the ground. Then, cut down the amount of three pieces and fabricate the material. Recipe of the Kraft paper like this:
— Take the bench.
— The first, second and third cell of the Central row are filled with reeds. The output is paper, the amount of three pieces.

13 Dec 2015
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