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How to make a Fireball in Minecraft PE?


When you need to light a portal to The Nether in Minecraft PE, or make a flint double-spaced combustion, the player can not do without a fireball. He can fly as the player wishes. For example, to fly in a straight load it using distributor. Having a ball, the user can burn almost anything you want. So when you hit the block it instantly ignites it. For greater efficiency of arson, you can build the gun and already applying it, to shoot to kill.

List of materials for Fireball
To craft the player needs to extract three material — coal (1 unit), gunpowder (1 unit) fire powder (1 unit). So, coal mining is carried out in a coal mine, shovels and pickaxe. Coal deposits of ore are found after the layer of earth and stones. But to get the gunpowder — the player must defeat the creeper, Witch or Ghast. Fire same powder you can get from a Blaze stem. To find and fight him in Hell. In order to get there you need to make a portal to get into Hellfire citadel and, already there, to join in the fight.

Doing the fireball in the workbench
When the list of ingredients found all that is required to take the gamer to open the workbench and to download cell of found materials. Arrange them so the coal in the Central cell of the first row, fire the powder in the Central cell of the second row, the powder in the Central cell of the third row. As a result, the finished fireball.

23 Dec 2016
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