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How to enchant things in Minecraft PE?


Whatever we enchanted in Minecraft, all these things in one way or another the player closer to the finish goal. You can enchant various items, weapons and ammunition.

What is the process?

Kraft enchantment table, because without it the procedure of sorcery is impossible. The ingredients that are required for the enchantment table — book, obsidian (4 units) and diamonds (2 units).

Next, put the object you wish to enchant in the centre of the table. If everything is done correctly before the user will have three options for enchantment. Each of them varies by the amount of experience that you want to spend in the process of witchcraft. In addition, depending on the number of bookcases that are located away from the table, and depends on the imposed level enchantments on items.

The spell levels that a player can expect

— basic level;
— layer in bottom slot;
— the level in the upper slot;
— the level in the middle slot.

As there are enchantments on items?

Here is an example for the armor. So, her helmet can be enchanted on an improved shutter speed of breathing under water, affinity water (gives a chance to spend much time in the depths of the water). Leggings — zero gravity (gives you a chance not to fall). In General, armor can be enchanted to the impenetrability of shells, bomb blast resistance and fire resistance.

How to understand what the subject is bewitched?

The subject, which is taken from the table of enchantment, must have a Golden gleam and glow like a Golden Apple.

How else can you put charms on items?

If the user cannot or does not want to use the above method it is possible to enchant the necessary equipment, paying residents emeralds. Another option would be a spell book and an anvil.

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