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How To Build a House - Elevator (part 74) in Minecraft PE


In this tutorial series I will gradually build a house, doing the screenshots and describing their actions. I believe this will be very useful for beginners (possibly more!). We will build, of course, in Minecraft PE.

Where we left off in the previous part?

Now we will build a small but interesting mechanism on this site:

Let's start. Install sticky piston, and blocks of Sandstone as follows:

On the piston unit, we set up the block of goo. Now put a button to activate:

In the roof, make a hole on our block of mucus. Stand on the slime block, click the button and get on the roof:

Well, a little decor for the mechanism will not prevent:

Upstairs will also make a small area:

This mechanism pushes us to the roof. We have built a so-called "Elevator" and now will be able to climb.

05 Nov 2016
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