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Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13.0


Very soon in this news you can download the latest version of the App so PE 0.13.0 for your phones. But the official release has not yet taken place, so we will publish here everything that we know about the new version of the game. As usual in the initial stage of development, the programmers make a big list of things I want to add to the game, but in practice this was not so. The list is long, and changes at least. So developers Mojang are doing updates to their offspring - Minecraft on all platforms.

Impressive, isn't it? Horses and witches wanted to add in version 0.12.1, but still not added. On this we cannot rely on all changes in this version. Better wait for official words and will confirm or refute the rumors and speculation.

Finally, the most delicious to date.
Official responses from the developers of Minecraft, that would be 100% in the new version of the game:
* Rabbits

One of the main developers of the game Tommaso Checchi "burned" rabbits from the new version of Twitter. He also said that they will be different from the PC version - will be slightly smaller. Will be only spawned in the woods and they will eat chickens.

* Horses and trading with the villagers
"Most likely will not be in version 0.13.0 because of problems in the interface" - from the words of the developers during the twitch broadcast Mojang

* Resurface
Mojang will probably release its resurface for Minecraft

* The stone carvers
It will be removed with the next version of the game and add to the creative mode as a normal block interior.

* Redstone
Once developers named Daniel Wustenhoff burned Redstone from the new version:

* Witches
"Witches we're planning to add eventually in the game." - With the stream of twitch

* Realms in Minecraft PE
"Eventually we will add Realms in PE version, as soon as I finished to work on it". -With the stream of twitch
Realms is a paid technology by Mojang in which you buy your server directly from the developer. He is infinite and there are all the settings from single Player. Ie the game itself this App is somewhere on the server and you can invite up to 20 people on the White list. It's very cool. This is not available on any server in the world.

* Ender world
"Ender world will be added to the PE version, as soon as we're finished." from the twitch stream

* Opening chests in Creative
"Yes, you will have the ability to open chests in creative mode." from the twitch stream

* The entries in the books
"The books will be added in the next updates of Minecraft." from the twitch stream

* Desert Fortress

The game developer said today (02.24.2015) they started to test many new things, here and desert the fortress, for example.

Also fixed minor bugs that were in previous versions and updates, for example - the boat will sail much faster. We can only wait and wonder what will add and what will be removed in the new version of our wonderful and beloved game minecraft for Android and IOS.

Officially! What is new in 0.13.0?
New opportunities

  • Redstone: Redstone wire, torch, lamp, Levers, buttons (wood and stone), daylight Sensors, rails,
  • Rabbits
  • New doors


  • The stone Carver


  • Redstone can be used to control doors, hatches, rails and TNT!
  • Boats sail faster
  • The font is now more readable
  • Slugs and hasta now actually spawned around the world!
  • Restore hunger now corresponds to the level of PC
  • Colors are created by using bone meal on the grass now depend on the biome
  • Skeletons now run away from wolves

    Some bug fixes

  • Monsters now don't die on the carpet
  • Fixed many bugs that were before this patch

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