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Minecraft PE 0.14.0 release full version


Quite a long time and the last stable game version of minecraft PE was 0.13 version of the game. It was really justified after all the best was added, all the major bugs have been identified in the power released five builds before the final release of the game, but it's time to give way to another version, already a new and more promising.

Minecraft PE 0.14 and additions client:

  • Almost completed Realm'with s with a small fix it will work. Of course function test will have the opportunity now.
  • The whole "family" of new monsters will appear in the normal game world. Hell will be filled with several creatures.
  • Mechanisms working on the basis of "Requirements" has expanded. There are more of them.
    Menu and gaming options were significantly altered. Some unused button removed - added new.

    Release date Minecraft 0.14.0

    The exact release date of the new additions to the already known and very popular pocket version Minecraft a titled 0.14 - no. But that's okay. We managed to get among the messages of the developers and reading some social networks, forums - come to a conclusion that very soon worth waiting for the new addition.

    Judging by the fact that increasingly began to receive information about what awaits us in the near future, it is possible to judge that the 14 version of minecraft this year will not be released and will be released in the next, in mid-January. Apparently the addition will be released on January 15-17, alpha and beta tests have already started.


    And you have wondered what awaits us in the next big version of minecraft? And rightly so, because increasingly, we get information from different sources about the various add-ons that await Us in the future. Of course the most important of them, according to most, is the presence of witches in the game. Not just mobs, with magic and skills, no. Whole settlements of witches.

    Thanks to the witches in the game finally you can do something advanced, such as infiltrating their ranks. But you'll find out later.

    Specifically about the innovations of the 0.14 versions of minecraft:

  • Witches and their settlements in the dark forests of the world.
  • Expansion of cells of the backpack setup, additional tabs.
  • Almost ready the system "s Realm'"
    and more.

    Download Minecraft PE you are always welcome in this section

    What's new:

  • Repeaters, Comparators, dispensers, extractors, hoppers, chests, traps, trolley with chest/dynamite/funnel
  • Witches! Beware, when they throw you in potions. They can slow down the player or even poison.
  • Painting armor. Tired of the usual armor? Try over 10 000 000 colors. Place the pants into the pot along with paint and enjoy the new design!
  • Frame. Into them, their prey or attach a map to remember your adventures.
  • The ability to wear on the head or pumpkin head mobs.
  • And also fixed lots of errors and bugs.

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