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Download Minecraft PE Apk Bedrock


Download Minecraft PE Apk Bedrock
The new version of Minecraft 1.2.5 only for Android. As always, fixed some bugs associated with the game, and of course added a couple of new features in Minecraft 1.2.5.

Just a week ago, the developers released a Minecraft 1.2.3 Beta 1, and today released the first beta 1.2.5.

New features of 1.2.5

  • Added a new switch recipes and view Creative inventory in full-screen mode (classic interface)
  • Added a rating system of content in the marketplace

Tweaks 1.2.5

Pressing the a button in the inventory of creative mode now only puts one item in inventory, and not a full stack (64). Pressing Y will put a full stack, and the X will clear the lower bar in creative mode (for gamepads)
Download Minecraft PE Full Version Apk Bedrock

Bug fixes 1.2.5

Fixed crash when closing a window with a choice of skin
Fixed error when using capital letters in the command '/gamerule'
Fixed bug when using '/fill' with some blocks
Reduced sensitivity placing blocks
Spider's silk now drops as a subject
Fixed light sources such as torch, with soft lighting
Download Minecraft PE Apk Bedrock
Food particles now appear when animals eat
Now all mobs can be created by the players
When placing the layer of snow from inventory now only takes one unit
The tinder-box no longer deals damage when hitting mobs
Items floating in the water, there will be no more "shaking" animation
Dead bushes can now be replaced with the placement of blocks and items
Reduced the size of the HitBox from cultivated plants
Download Minecraft PE Apk Bedrock
Fixed various bugs in the game store
Slightly increased spawn rate of ocelots

20 Oct 2017
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