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Vanilla Bosses Minecraft PE Addon / Mod 1.16.201, 1.16.40


Vanilla Bosses Minecraft PE Addon / Mod
If You are bored with the usual mobs of our favorite games, why don't You set a wonderful Vanilla Bosses Addon for Minecraft PE, which will be able to please You with new bosses from the old and familiar to us mobs.

New bosses is a great way to get resources, because in case of Your victory over one of the bosses, You will find a decent amount of valuable items, so You'll recoup all the time that usually spend mine in MCPE.
Vanilla Bosses Minecraft PE Addon / Mod
You will not be able to find them, as they will not exist. You need to transform conventional counterparts mobs to bosses. For this you need to use a normal tag and a anvil in Minecraft PE.

List of New Bosses

Creeper has 75 units of health, the inscription on the tag: Nuke, attacking with a powerful blast, you can get 30 diamonds, 25 gold, 20 emeralds, 25 iron ingots and 1 tag.
Vanilla Bosses Minecraft PE Addon / Mod

Zombie – the inscription on the tag: Giant, 12 damage, 125 health, is able to impose on You the effect of blindness, and this monster will no longer burn under the sun. As drop get: 25 emeralds, 30 bars of gold, 35 diamonds, 30 iron ingots and tag.

Desert zombie will give us 20 emeralds 25 gold bars, 25 iron bars, tag, and diamonds, in the amount of 30 pieces. The inscription on the tag: Giant, 100 health and 10 damage.

Pigzilla is one of the most armored characters, so he filled bib diamond ball. Have to destroy all of its 115 units of health, and in turn he will pay You for 15 damage. It would be easier to catch up with You, it will use the slow effect. Will drop 20 emeralds 25 gold, 30 diamonds, 25 iron and the tag. The tag has the inscription: Knight.

Straygic, 115 lives, attacks fire projectiles, and very quickly. Able to teleport, and 15 emeralds, 20 gold, 25 diamonds, 20 iron and the tag.
Vanilla Bosses Minecraft PE Addon / Mod

Chicken – 60 hearts, destroys its own eggs, has a small size, the inscription: Eggboss. Drop: tag ,30 iron and gold, 25, 35 emeralds and diamonds.

Cow – Toro, 50 health, 15 damage, runs fast and hates mushroom cows, therefore, at the meeting immediately attacks them.

Pig has 150 lives, 12 damage, the inscription on the tag: Pigzilla, and drops him with 64 fried pork.

Of the ocelot will fall 15 emeralds, 20 gold and iron, 25 diamonds, with tag. Has 75 health and 15 damage. The inscription on the tag Cheetah

01 May 2017
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