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The Robot Chappie Minecraft PE Addon iOS 1.11, 1.10.0,


The Robot Chappie Minecraft PE Addon
The Robot Chappie MCPE Addon is a modification, which can be used to make a new friend. It will look like in the movie "Chappie". That is, it will need to train to fight, to experience feelings, solve puzzles, etc.

How does it work?

Basically, their main purpose is to protect Your life, as they will be the replacement of the iron Golems, and besides, very advantageous, as compared to them, the new robots are very strong and sturdy.
The Robot Chappie Minecraft PE Addon
It means that You will have a true friend, companion and even protector. And all who will approach You with bad intentions – will be killed. The robots do not touch the neutral mobs is the villagers and animals, as well as other players on the server.
The Robot Chappie Minecraft PE Addon
First, he will have 100 units of health, which is twice more than the Golem, and secondly, his damage will destroy the enemy very quickly.

30 May 2017
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