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Giant Slime Addon for Minecraft PE iOS, Android 1.16.101, 1.16.40


Addon Giant Slime adds in the world Minecraft PE egg with which you can create in the game a giant slug. This slug will be 10 times more from ordinary slugs in Minecraft PE - imagine what will be this huge slug?!

How to generate the slug?
To generate such a slug as shown in the image below, use the egg to spawn. To get the egg, use the inventory of creative mode or Too Many Items mod! Make sure the difficulty is set to the maximum level. The giant slime will jump not very far from you and he would sometimes do smile.


The installation of addon Giant Slime:

Downloadable addon Giant Slime.
Download BlockLauncher Pro.
Go to BlockLauncher Pro.
Press the wrench key.
Include support for Addons.
Run the installer and install Giant Slime.
Go in game, create the world and enjoy the established Giant Slime.

04 Nov 2015
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