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Flans - Wooden Plane Addon For Minecraft PE 1.16.201, 1.16.40


This addon will take wooden plane from the old and forgotten mod "Flans". The aircraft is able to transport resources in a special chest on the second pilot seat. In MCPE the plane looks quite realistic and compact.

Wooden plane will be a great tool for quick flights over the ocean or high mountains. A cargo plane is a great thing to move to a new place of residence. If you are playing in survival mode, then you will experience the many advantages of this technology.

With the addition of new aircraft, it is possible to build a special mini-game where there will be competition between you and your friends.

How to get a Wooden Plane?

Aircraft will replace the usual chicken, for this reason, finding them is not so difficult. You can also get them with help the eggs to spawn.

Compared to a real plane, our wood plane looks like a child's toy. But it is much more maneuverable in dense thickets and forests. For it will not need a runway because it takes off vertically.

How to fly a plane?

To start, sit in the pilot's seat:
  • If you have iOS or Android, you'll see button "Ride"
  • If you have Windows - click the right mouse button

Next, using kerosene cans, fill the fuel tank. The plane will automatically fly up. To control for right / left - use iron sword holding it in his hand.
In addition to all this, you can use the chest in the back seat. He has more than 25 slots that can carry huge number of items.

Install Flans - Wooden Plane Addon

iOS / Windows 10
  • Download this addon
  • Open these files (Are in zip archive) after download:
    Behavior.mcpack and Resource.mcpack
  • If you have an Android, then extract file "Wooden Plane Resource Pack.mcpack" to the folder "Resource_packs", which is located at the following path: games/com.mojang/ and extract file "Wooden Plane Behavior Pack.mcpack" to the games/com.mojang/behavior_packs
  • Open the MCPE
  • Create a new world or edit the existing
  • Select behavior-pack and resource-pack that you previously imported
  • Ready! Restart Minecraft PE and enjoy the game!

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