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Ender Silverfish & Ender Pearls Addon For MCPE 1.16.101, 1.16.40


This addon will bring to MCPE some features from Minecraft PC. These included: ender silverfish and ender pearls. New mob and item will allow you to get more idea about Ender's world and all that is associated with it. Using this addon You will be able to slightly improve their game, that it was somehow similar to the full.

How to get it?
Despite the fact that the amount of features in this addon very severely cut, you will still be able to obtain these innovations, though in a slightly different way. In order to acquire Ender pearls, you'll need to build your coop and wait for the chicken will be demolished pearl.

For more experienced players, there is another way to obtain these gems. You have to fight the Enderman, after the victory over which you will receive a trophy in the shape of pearls.

As in the original option to use Ender pearls on purpose, you have to throw it in interesting or hard-to-reach place, and then teleport to that place. In this addon there is a small twist, which will make the pearl a little unpredictable as to appear a small possibility that the stone will be rejected and you spawned a Enderman.

As for the endermite, I can say that this small hostile mobs that have the ability to teleport short distances. Fighting them is very difficult, but it will give you special skills in battle.

Installation Endermites Addon:
  • Download a mod
  • Extract the files from the archive
  • Copy the folder Endermites Add-On (Behavior Packs) to a folder "/games/com.mojang/behavior_packs/"
  • Copy the folder Endermite Add-On (Resource Packs) into the folder "/games/com.mojang/resource_packs/"
  • Start Minecraft PE:
    — Create a new world > on the left, select texture packs > select addon Addon Endermite
    — Then click the Behavior Packs and apply the same texture and there
  • The use of the created world:
    — Set texture: Behavior Packs and Resource Packs
    Mod installed — now restart MCPE

  • 16 Oct 2016
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